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12 Week Journey Home Through the Chakras

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Three paths to explore:

30 Day Devotion

Journey Through The Chakras

12 Week Program + 'Wild Roots' Immersion

Meet your Soul Coach, Farren 
Farren is a multi-disciplinary teacher, mentor, dancer and yoga facilitator guiding people to living a fulfilling and joy-filled life.
She has been embracing the world of Yoga and the healing arts for 17 years. Teaching students about breath, embodiment, self-empowerment and leading you back to your authentic self.

My intention as a teacher is to facilitate transformation and healing by discovering one’s inner realms through movement, breath and awareness oneself.

Transforming fears into joys and doubts into empowerment!
Allow the magic of your creation to unfold! 

You are the creator.  I am here to help you meet…you. 

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I am here to remind you to listen to your inner teacher through all forms of yoga, dance and communication with self.  In addition to the movement practices, I assist your process and healing journey using the tools of Thai Massage, Theta Healing, Applied Kinesiology, and Personalized Life Coaching. 


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