Embodied Bliss

A Journey Home Through Your Chakras

9 Week Sacred Journey

Are you ready to rest open to the sacredness of your own being?



Your time is now dear one...


Let us unravel the past as we step deep into the present and create the life you were truly made to live!

Join me for the re-emergence of this transformational journey through the chakras.  A true discovery and activation of your divine design.

Listen deeply to the whispers that are calling you back home to you. 

Be guided over this rainbow bridge into something so Divine, you won't want to turn back. 

This 9week journey is designed to...


  • Heal and Enhance your personal and professional impact on society
  • Gain clear perspective and healing with chronic challenges
  • Create flexibility and strength physically and mentally
  • Conquer destructive habits
  • Rejuvenate the glands and organs
  • Release negative energy patterns or blockages in the body
  • Break free of depression and anxiety
  • Enhance your ability to concentrate and focus
  • Awaken your creative potential
  • Create relaxation in body and peace of mind
  • Enhance the union of the individual self with the divine consciousness of the universe
  • Open one’s heart to life’s magic!


Join me for 7 activations to design a richer, fuller, happier life.



Experience 12 Weeks of...

  • 9 Modules of Chakra Psychology, meditations, and Chakra Yoga Sequences
  • 7- 2hr Live Chakra Activations on the New Moon and Full Moons
  • Archetypes / Medicine Wheel / ThetaHealing / Soul Coaching
  • Somatic Movement/ Medical Qi Gong/ Chakra Yoga 
  • Pranayama (Transformational Breath practices)
  • 3 Special guest Sessions with Krystal Janelle
  • Life as a Ceremonial Experience 
  • 2 Bonus 45min 1:1 Sessions with Farren or Krystal Janelle 

And of course...so much more is here for you to co-create!

I am here for you, with you, and embracing all of you as we walk this sacred lifetime together.





Farren Assaly is a multi-disciplinary teacher, mentor, dancer, and yoga facilitator guiding people to live fulfilling and joyful lives. 

Over the course of 20 years, she has been studying, teaching, and mastering multi-layered sacred practices that stem from our miraculous and wise body systems of the chakras. Using the sacred teachings to bring truth, harmony and authentic resonance within all areas of life. 

Through these systems, she came to understand and make sense of herself and life. She is here to share this beautiful gift with others. 

"I use Farren's teaching from this course daily. They help me show up for myself and my family in incredible ways."

Chakra Yoga Student

"Being able to put what I learned into practice right away was powerful."

 Deb Rafa

Are you listening to your own wisdom?


Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Like no matter how hard you work, you are just not able to fully relax, receive and/or create the life you desire?

If so, 'Embodied Bliss' is here to hold you, move through you and with you as you walk your sacred path back to true love. 

We'll help you embrace the world around you and dissolve the walls.
Once you've gotten to know and love who you are on the inside, we'll teach you how to nurture and protect that person as you move through your life as a Divine co-creator.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

o Creating Sacred Space + Setting Intentions 

o Root Chakra - You are already Perfect

o Sacral Chakra - You are not alone

o Solar Plexus Chakra - 'You are Unique'

o Heart Chakra - We are Better Together

o Throat Chakra - What you are Speaks

o Brow Chakra - Identifying Truth

o Crown Chakra - You as the Origin of All Things 

o Living Your Life Design

Within each of these modules, you will receive an introduction, practices/rituals, and journal prompts to support you throughout your entire journey!

This program also includes a private community for support as we journey through the Chakras together


In-Person Equinox Circle:
March 18th, 2023

12 Week Virtual 'Embodied Bliss' Journey
2hr Chakra Activations + Moon Ceremonies:
(All times in MST and replays will be available)  
Tuesday, March 21 @11am
Tuesday, March 28 @11am

Wednesday, April 5th @11am
Wednesday, April 19 @11am
Wednesday, April 26 @11am

Friday, May 5 @ 11am
Friday, May 19 @ 11am
Friday May 26 @11am

Saturday June 3rd @11am
(Closing Full Moon Celebration Ceremony) 



12 Wk Journey

  • 9 Chakra Modules, practices, meditations, journal prompts (Value $1111)
  • 2 x 1:1 60min Soul Sessions w/ Farren or Krystal (value $500)
  • 7 LIVE New + Full Moon Ceremonies / Chakra Activations (value $3500)
  • 3 Live Group Integration sessions with Krystal (value $1000)

WILD ROOTS Equinox Healing Circle


In person Women's Circle Only

  • Deep Feminine 
    Embodiment Sessions with Farren, Krystal and Cari
  • Transformative Yogic Practices
  • Freeform movement & dancing meditations
  • Cocao Ceremony
  • Sound Journey
  • Yoga Nidra 



5 monthly payments

  • 9 Chakra Modules, practices, meditations, journal prompts (Value $1111)
  • 2 x 1:1 60min Soul Sessions w/ Farren or Krystal (value $500)
  • 7 LIVE New + Full Moon Ceremonies / Chakra Activations (value $3500)
  • 3 Live Group Integration sessions with Krystal (value $1000)